The danger of lists

A few months ago, I decided to write a list of all of the places in the world I would like to visit.  It was not intended to be a bucket list, more a record of inspiration to help me get started when I know I want to go away but I have the whole world to choose from.


I’m at that stage now.  The Belgium trip is over, and I’m looking towards the next adventure.  I started thinking about this by checking out cheap flights from Newcastle and there are a few to Spain around the time I want to travel.  Great.  The only problem was, none of the flights went to any of the Spanish places I had on my list.

I started to fret.  Can I really plan a trip to somewhere not on the list?  After all, these are the places I want to travel to most in the world.  Won’t I just be wasting my time if I go somewhere else?

Then I realised just how ridiculous I was being.

The list I created was never supposed to define my travel.  It was just supposed to be a place where I could jot things down so if I read about somewhere I wanted to go or something I wanted to do, I wouldn’t forget it when I did come to planning my adventures.  It would be foolish of me to treat the list as the be all and end all – there are so many wonderful places I could miss out on if I stuck rigidly to visiting the places that I have heard of and think that I want to go.

If I had lived my life by my list, I would already have missed out on some adventures:-

1. Crete


Despite absolutely melting in the heat, I have very fond memories of travelling to Crete.  The resorts are all very much catering for package holiday tourists (which I was), and I will be happy if I never set foot in Malia again.  But Crete has some stunning scenery, bags of history, very friendly locals and some of the best food I have ever eaten.

DSCN3261 DSCN3203

2. Ibiza


I never in a million years imagined that I would ever visit Ibiza.  Usually I would avoid anywhere so famous as a clubbing destination, full of drunk British teenagers.  However, I’m glad I went as I discovered that there is much more to Ibiza than clubs.  It has nice beaches, beautiful walks and the only river in the Balearic islands.

P7280209 P7280219

3. Amsterdam


I’ve never had much interest in visiting Amsterdam and I don’t think this would have made it onto my list.  Jim & I visited as a complete spur of the moment thing – we only booked it a couple of weeks before we travelled.  I discovered a city that totally exceeded my expectations.  It had lovely architecture with the narrow houses, a maze of beautiful canals, a lot of quirky museums and absolutely loads to do.  It is definitely a city that I would go back to – in our short break I feel we only scratched the surface of what Amsterdam has to offer.


So, where next??

I haven’t organised the next adventure.  I know pretty much when I will go, but where is still a work in progress.  I haven’t even made the fundamental decision of whether I want a UK or abroad mini-break, and that will probably all come down to budget.

Wherever I end up next, I have definitely put the list back in its place, as a set of guidelines, not rules.


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