A perfect autumn walk at Thrum Mill

Growing up in Rothbury, I was often heard to complain about how boring it was and how I couldn’t wait to leave.  As a teenager, there was not much excitement growing up in a rural village with a population of less than 2000, where my social life was dictated by bus timetables and the availability of Dad’s taxi, and at least once a year we would be cut off by snow.

It was not until I left home for the bright lights of the city that I came to have an appreciation of what a lovely, safe place Rothbury was to spend my childhood and teenage years, and now I really enjoy going back and spending time there.


I was in Rothbury yesterday on a beautiful, crisp autumn day which really showed off just what a beautiful village Rothbury is, and reminded me again of everything that I love about it.


Rothbury is at the heart of the Coquet Valley and is on the doorstep of the Northumberland National Park.  As such, it is a walkers paradise, and as one of the larger villages in the area, it makes a perfect base to explore North Northumberland.  However, for anyone looking for shorter and easier walks, Rothbury itself has plenty to offer.  One of my favourites is the walk along to Thrum Mill.


Any fans of Channel 4’s The Restoration Man may already be familiar with Thrum Mill, as new owners are painstakingly restoring the Mill itself which stood derelict for many years before they purchased it as a private home.  It was previously a working flour mill, harnessing the power of the Coquet to turn the machinery to grind grain into flour.

The walk along to Thrum Mill starts from Rothbury’s newly restored bridge and is about 1.5 miles in total.  It is along a flat path, which can be narrow and muddy in places, but would be suitable for a sturdy pushchair.


It is a very easy, but incredibly scenic walk, especially on a sunny day, and it doesn’t require any particular walking skills to complete.


The path winds through woodland hugging the river.  It comes out at on a private driveway.  Follow the public footpath sign to the right, past some houses.


You will hear the Thrum before you see it, as the water crashes powerfully, carving out a gorge amongst the smooth rocks before pooling tranquilly as the river bowl widens.


At any time of year, this is a lovely, simple walk.  In autumn with such vibrant colours on show, it is particularly beautiful.  Here are some of my favourite pictures:

20131109_122528 20131109_122757 20131109_122843 20131109_122929 20131109_123047


5 responses to “A perfect autumn walk at Thrum Mill

    • I actually took all the pictures on my phone, though when I saw the colours I wished I had brought by new camera up with me! I like your painting, thanks for sharing the link!

  1. So- now I know! Haven’t done this walk nor been to Rothbury for a number of years but I did see Thrum Mill on the Restoration programme. Have to get myself up that way. 🙂

    • You should definitely visit when you get a chance! It is one of many lovely walks in and around Rothbury. It is lovely at any time, but it is really special at the moment with the autumn foliage, especially if you catch it onna clear day!

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