500 Photos – a stupid travel mistake

I obviously love to travel, but one aspect of travelling that I can’t stand is packing.  I’m sure for some people it is part of building the anticipation and excitement for travel, but I am not one of those people.  Packing is a chore to me, and it always ends up being a bit of a last minute, night before rush.

Our camping road trip around the UK was even more chaotic than usual, as the departure coincided with moving house the day before and my having a job interview en route to Scotland.  This led to me making two very stupid mistakes:-

1. I didn’t check that my camera battery was charged.

2. I forgot to pack my charger.

So my photos are very limited from that trip, as I was fully reliant on my phone, which I was only able to charge in short bursts via the car charger.  This is one of my favourites from the few I managed to take:-


This is taken from a small village in North Wales called Beddgelert.

It may not be a technically perfect picture, but Beddgelert is one of the most scenic places I have ever stayed in, and I felt very lucky to be staying there.  I find looking at this picture calming, and it brings back the sense  of gratitude that I felt when taking it.

It was a stupid mistake not to make sure that I had a fully charged camera, but it was actually quite nice to have a holiday with  away from technology once we had become used to it, and it meant the photos that I did take were all the more special to me.


5 responses to “500 Photos – a stupid travel mistake

  1. I found once on a camping trip to the Lakes that I had actually remembered to take too much. I had just driven across the Northumberland/Cumbria Border and the phone rang in my pocket. Lets say I pulled over at the first opportunity and answered the call. I thought someone’s been messing about and changing my usual ring tone! So I answered the call. It was my daughters friend Katie. I thought what on earth is she ringing me for! Took a while but eventually the penny dropped. I had picked up Katie’s boyfriend’s phone from the table thinking it was mine when I picked up my daughter. 40 miles back to the town to take it back, ended uo pitching the Tent in the dark when we eventually made it to the lakes after our 80 mile bit of backtracking. Definitely a stupid travel mistake!.

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