500 photos – loving jet lag

Jet lag is one of the more annoying realities of long haul travel, but it has also provided me with one of my favourite travel memories.

The first destination on our round the world trip was New York, whose time zone is 5 hours behind the UK.  This meant that we were both sat wide awake at 6am on our first full day away, and so we made the most of it by getting up and heading out.

We got to see a totally different New York that morning.  There were no crowds or tour groups – it was just regular New York going about it’s business.   We had breakfast in an virtually empty Greeley Square before heading to the iconic Empire State Building for pretty much opening time.


This meant that there were no queues to get in – we just zipped through straight up to the top where there were hardly any other people with us and certainly no crowds.  We stayed up there for  long time, as it started to get busier and the haze over the New York skyline started to burn off.


Jim & I do tend to start our days reasonably early when travelling, but due to jet lag we were up and out a good two hours before we ever would have planned to get up, which got our round the world trip off to the perfect start.



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