500 photos – making the most of perfect winter weather in Lanchester

Already Christmas seems like a long time ago, and the weather in the North East these past few days has been reflective of the January blues – cold, wet and dreary.  However, we had absolutely beautiful winter weather here in the North East over Christmas.  It was cold, crisp and sunny, so it was the perfect winter weather to get out into the great outdoors.

Whilst many people will visit Durham during the peak season,  few will make the journey of 8 miles to the nearby village of Lanchester, which was founded by the Romans.  The ruins of a Roman fort remain in Lanchester, although they are on private land, so very little is visible to the public.

This Boxing Day we headed out into the fresh air to discover a second Roman settlement on Humber Hill in neighbouring Hollinside.  It is not so well preserved, but it is accessible with a public footpath leading right up to the marker point on top of the hill.

My Dad grew up in Lanchester and he had never taken this walk before, so I think I can fairly confidently say that it is well off the beaten path and very few tourists will have ever discovered this spot.  With views like this, it is well worth the 8 mile trip from nearby Durham.

DSC_0944 DSC_0905


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