The Bridges of the Tyne

This is the iconic view of the bridges over the Tyne at Newcastle:


For Geordies travelling into Newcastle from the south, this is a heart warming view – crossing the river means coming home.  Although I’m not a true Geordie, on long night time train journeys home from Cardiff, it was the first glimpse of the bridges out of the window that brought the relief of a journey almost over – I was home.

Since starting my commute south of the Tyne in my new job, I have discovered a new, and for me equally special view of the bridges of the Tyne:


This is the Scotswood Bridge.  It is perhaps not such an obviously impressive view as the  one over the Quayside, but over winter, my journey into work has coincided with the sun rising behind the bridge, setting the clouds on fire and casting beautiful reflections onto the calm surface of the Tyne.  It is the highlight of my commute, and something that I look forward to seeing every day.

I managed to drag myself out of bed early one weekend to actually photograph the sun rise, and discovered another surprisingly beautiful view that I had not expected:


This is the A1 where it crosses the river.  It is from that bridge that I see the view of the sun rise.  I never expected that a bridge that is all so often full of traffic and people just wanting to travel from A to B as quickly as they can could look so tranquil.

There is a good chance that anyone visiting Newcastle or Gateshead will see the top view of the bridges over the Tyne.  After all, a lot of attractions in Newcastle and Gateshead are centred around the Quayside.  But beyond the Quayside, there are some equally lovely and less obvious views of the Tyne, and I’m glad that I get to see one of them every day.


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