500 Photos – a bumper post

I have recently had a week of what I call home based travel, i.e. a week of travelling close to home, and for part of it at least, actually staying at home.  No doubt there are people who will say that by definition, travelling requires you to be away from home.  I’m not one of those people.  I absolutely made the most of my week of annual leave. I had a really busy week travelling to a lot of places that I have never been before, and staying within 2 hours of home meant that in spite of all the activity, I actually did feel quite refreshed (for about a day, until a nasty cold got me!)

I have so much to write about from this week, so for now, here is a picture a day from my most recent adventures:-

We stepped bank in time of the North York Moors Railway…



… discovered our inner children running round Scarborough’s arcades…

2014-04-06 11


… tried to take ghostly photos at spooky Chillingham Castle…




… walked our socks off at Ullswater in the stunning Lake District…



… discovered a finger in a bottle at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland…


2014-04-09 11


… ate lunch in a cave at Marsden Grotto in South Shields…

2014-04-10 13


… learnt about this history of the Saltire at it’s birthplace in Athalstaneford…



… was blown away (quite literally!) by North Berwick…




… and appreciated the miles of extra beach revealed with the tide out at Alnmouth.


And that is still only a fraction of what we did with our week of holiday.  Looking at all of the pictures I took, I find it so hard to believe that all of this is so close to home!




2 responses to “500 Photos – a bumper post

  1. I had forgotton what the inside of the Marsden Grotto Pub looked like! probably. Dont know if you took a ride in the embarrasing lift! It used to have an attendant in it and you got a little ticket for it. Quite a confined space!

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