The North East – why everyone should visit

Although I love to travel, I’m not at a place in my life right now where I want to drop everything and leave with a one way ticket and no plans to return.  This means that whilst I travel as much as I can, it is confined to a few weeks of annual leave each year.  I therefore try to make the most of my home region, which I really believe is an underrated travel destination.  Yes, it does get cold in the winter, but the weather is really surprisingly good for most of the year.  We have some truly world class deserted beaches along the Northumberland coast, vibrant and cultural cities  such as Newcastle and Durham, stunning countryside with hundreds of miles of walking and cycle paths, bags of history packed into every square mile, two UNESCO world heritage sites, and truly friendly and hospitable locals.

This blog is not just about my travels away from home; it is also about my home and one of my aims is to show you why you should make visiting the North East of England a travel priority, and to create a travel resource for anyone who is visiting this region.  On this page I will add links to all of my blogs that share with you what a fantastic region this is.


Sunderland International Airshow

Big EAT weekend – Newcastle

Great North Run

Lumiere 2013, Durham

Eating out/Drinking

As You Like It: Restaurant Week in Newcastle

The Centurion


Hexham Abbey

Central Arcade

Bridges of the Tyne

Chillingham Castle

Places to Visit


The Great Outdoors

Thrum Mill, Rothbury

Hallington Reservoir

Flodden Battlefield


The people of the North East

Grace Darling


Why Lord Howell is wrong about the North East


2 responses to “The North East – why everyone should visit

  1. Still trying to work out where home is. Somewhere in the Hexham area? We share many of the same thoughts and it’s always nice to meet a fellow north easterner.

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